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Ref No. Property Name Grade Level Price District
CXF034 Zhaofeng Universal Building B 4.5-5.5¥/sq.m/day Xuhui
CXF028 Peregrine Plaza A 7.6¥/sq.m/day Xuhui
CXF033 Kunyang Business Centre B 5¥/sq.m/day Xuhui
CXF032 Universal Plaza B 5.8¥/sq.m/day Xuhui
CXF031 Industrial Building A 6¥/sq.m/day Xuhui
CXF030 Pine City B 5¥/sq.m/day Xuhui
CXF029 Metro Tower A 8¥/sq.m/day Xuhui
CXF027 Yunhai Mansion B 4.5¥/sq.m/day Xuhui
CXF026 Jinzhong Tower B 2.4-4.5¥/sq.m/day Xuhui
CXF025 Jindu Tower B 3.2¥/sq.m/day Xuhui
CXF023 Suntong Square B 4.8¥/sq.m/day Xuhui
CXF021 Baoqing Building B 5.8¥/sq.m/day Xuhui
CXF020 Taipan Biz Centre B 4.2¥/sq.m/day Xuhui
CXF019 Qingke Building A 6¥/sq.m/day Xuhui
CXF018 Charity Square B 5¥/sq.m/day Xuhui
CXF015 Yitaili Building B 3¥/sq.m/day Xuhui
CXF013 Xiandai Building B 2.8¥/sq.m/day Xuhui
CXF012 Junyao Int'l Plaza A 4.5-5¥/sq.m/day Xuhui
CXF011 Xuhuiyuan Building B 6.2¥/sq.m/day Xuhui
CXF010 The Centre A 12¥/sq.m/day Xuhui

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