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Company Introduction
Service for Corporate Clients
Service for Individuals
Service for Landlords
Service for Corporate Clients
Our services for Corporate Clients are intended to provide the HR department of multinational corporations a completely outsourced yet dependable administrative service on all issues relating to the housing search of these companies¡¯ expatriates, thereby offloading what is often a burdensome and labor-intensive service from them. We are equipped to deal with all matters relating to city orientations, housing search, tenancy and contract management and after-sales services.
City Orientation
We offer city orientation program to new comers, including international schools, supermarkets, department stores, art shops, furniture shops, city transportation system and city scenic spots tour (scenic spots tour is available at extra charge). This program is available at a reasonable rate to cover the transportation cost. 
House Search
•  Detailed Housing Requirement Questionnaires will be sent to your employees to complete when his assignment is confirmed / renewed.
•  A property proposal tailored to the client¡¯s needs will be provided for yours and the expatriate¡¯s review. We will make sure that each property listed in the proposal fits your company¡¯s housing policy after pre-negotiation
•  Home Search program is flexible and scheduled according to your requirement. 
Tenancy and Contract Management
• We will work with you, your employee, and the landlord to ensure that all requests (including the furnishing and company housing policy, etc) are included in the offer letter. We will work with you to ensure that the offer terms are accurately reflected in the tenancy agreement.
• Payment Reminder: Ensures that every payment is made correctly and on time by clients
• Provide reminder for upcoming lease expiry and arrange relevant follow up work
• Provide work report to HR manager regularly or a briefing meeting can be arranged  
• Conduct annual housing budget benchmark study
After-sales Service
Handover of the Property
Prior to occupancy, we will carry out an inspection of the property for any defects that need to be rectified until it is completed. We will conduct check-in together with the Landlord and a copy of handover form will be provided. We will work with the Landlord to ensure any outstanding defects (if any) will be handled to your employee¡¯s satisfaction within a reasonable timeframe. We will also help to apply for Temporary Residential Permission from regional police station upon the check-in date.
Initial Follow Up
We will call your employee during the first week after he moves in to ensure that everything in the property is satisfactory. We will also assist with the purchase of home furnishings, hiring domestic helper and any other settling-in services that your employee may require.
Ongoing Maintenance Support
Our A/E will be the only person your employee needs to contact during the tenancy for any maintenance questions as well as other problems that we may help.
• Return of Premises to the Landlord
Prior to your employee¡¯s departure, we will coordinate with the landlord and submit the notice of termination. We will conduct hand-over to the landlord on the move out date. We will also follow-up with the landlord to ensure that your deposit is returned and all the utilities are disconnected and paid. A check-out report will be provided for your record.
     Please feel free to contact us at inquiry@huntershanghai.com for separate destination service quotation!

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