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1、Advice on rental market information 租赁市场行情的建议

2、Advice on how to decorate and furnish to cater targeted client's needs 提供建议如何将物业装饰成较受客人喜欢的状态,以及家具式样如何配备等

3、Liaise with decoration contractor if it is required by landlord 若业主需要可安排装修商上门估价及装修

4、Property promotion through multi-media 通过各种途径推广物业

5、Search potential clients 寻找潜在的租赁客户

6、Negotiation & translation on contract conditions 合同条款的谈判与翻译

7、Preparing lease contract 合同的准备,打印与装订

8、Conducting hand-over of the property 主持物业入住交接手续

9、Tenancy management, assisting ongoing maintenance problems 租赁期管理,协同解决维修问题

10、Proceeding issue of monthly rental invoice and sending to the tenant directly 安排开具每月租金的发票并直接将发票寄给租客

11、Conducting hand-over of the property from the tenant upon expiration of the lease or early termination .租赁期满或提前退租时,主持房屋交还验收手续

We provide two different service packages to overseas landlords: 我们特地为海外的业主提供以下两种不同的服务套餐:

1、Lease Management 租赁管理

This service includes Item 1-8 and Item 11.提供的服务包括上述项目1-8项和第11项。

2、Full Package Management 全程管理

All items listed above is covered. Tenancy management of Item 9 includes arrangement of solving the maintenance issues during tenancy(the actual maintenance fee should be borne by the landlord with prior consent obtained.)and rental tax(3.5% or 5%)for issue of monthly tent in Item 10 is borne by the landlord.提供的服务包括上述1-11项项目,其中第9项包括安排处理在租赁途中出现的维修事项(实际发生的维修费用由业主承担但就维修事宜及费用会事先征得业主的同意),第10项开具租金发票的税金(租金的3.5%或5%)由业主承担。

If you would like to have more information about our service package, please contact us! 如果你想了解更多关于以上两种服务套餐的信息,请与我们联系!


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