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- Carrefour
9:30am-9:30pm, 268 Shuicheng Road, near Yan’an Road水城南路268号,近延安西路
8:30am-10pm, 555 Biyun Road, near Yunshan Road 碧云路555号,近云山路
7388 Humin Road, near Metro Line 1 Lianhua Road subway station 沪闵路7388号,近地铁一号线莲花路站
20 Wuning Road, near Changshou Road 武宁路20号,近长寿路
Basement Level 2-3, Cloud Nine Shopping Mall, 1018 Changning Road, near Kaixuan Road, Metro Line 2 Zhongshan Park Station 长宁路1018号龙之梦购物中心地下2-3楼,近凯旋路,地铁2号线中山公园站

- City Supermarket
Perfect for people who want to chow down on a ready-made sandwich filled with deli faborites or stock up on supplies for a Western-style dinner party. 
10am-10pm, 999 M. Huaihai Road, near S. Shanxi Road 淮海中路999号,近陕西南路
8:30am-10:30pm, Shanghai Centre, 1376 W. Nanjing Road 南京西路1376号上海商城

- Lotus Supermarket
This supermarket has 8 branches throughout town. Call 6832 1188 for more information.

- Metro  
This shopping center has 4 branches throughout town. Supplies household goods, clothing, imported food products and fresh produce. Call 5250 4888 for more information.

- O Store Organic Food Market
Shanghai’s only organic supermarket. Stocks a full range of organic products such as fresh tofu, vegetables, grains and sauces. Also has a small organic café and bakery.
7am-10pm, Room 102 Aetna Tower, 107 Zunyi Road, opposite Hongqiao Parkson遵义路107号102室,虹桥百盛对面  Tel: 5150 4000

- Wal- Mart
252-262 N. Linyi Road, near Longyang Road 临沂北路252-262号,近龙阳路 http://www.wal-martchina.com

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