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Ref No. Property name Location Layout Price(1$= 6.8¥) District
VDF008-4 Shanghai California Garden Jiangqiao 6/4 44000~49000RMB/month Putuo
VDF008-3 Shanghai California Garden Jiangqiao 4/4 27000~30000RMB/month Putuo
VDF008-2 Shanghai California Garden Jiangqiao 4/3 22000~25000RMB/month Putuo
VDF008-1 Shanghai California Garden Jiangqiao 3/3 16000~20000RMB/month Putuo
VDF007-3 Grand Skylight Gardens Hotel close to Botanical Garden 4/3 27000~30000RMB/month Xuhui
VDF007-1 Grand Skylight Gardens Hotel close to Botanical Garden 3/2 25000~27000RMB/month Xuhui
VQF001-3 Lido Villa Xujing Town 6/5 50000~55000RMB/month Qingpu
VQF001-2 Lido Villa Xujing Town 5/4 42000~51000RMB/month Qingpu
VQF001-1 Lido Villa Xujing Town 4/3 30000~36000RMB/month Qingpu
VQF005-2 Dream House Xujing Town 5/5 45000~55000RMB/month Qingpu
VQF005-1 Dream House Xujing Town 4/5 45000~50000RMB/month Qingpu
VMF006-7 Rancho Santa Fe Huacao Town 5/4 60000~70000RMB/month Minhang
VMF006-6 Rancho Santa Fe Huacao Town 5/4 55000~60000RMB/month Minhang
VMF011-3 The Lakefront Villas Kunyang Road 4/4 58000~68000RMB/month Minhang
VCF024-3 Sunland Villas Qingxi Rd/Xianxia Rd 4/3 50000~55000RMB/month Changning
VCF024-4 Sunland Villas Qingxi Rd/Xianxia Rd 6/5 120000~125000RMB/month Changning
VCF025-1 Caesar Park Hongjin Rd/Wuzhong Rd 3/3 45000~51000RMB/month Changning
VCF035-2 Regency Land Jianhe Road 6/3 50000~55000RMB/month Changning
VCF035-1 Regency Land Jianhe Road 5/3 45000~49000RMB/month Changning
VMF006-5 Rancho Santa Fe Huacao Town 5/5 59000~65000RMB/month Minhang

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